Our products


We manufacture products with international marking symbols from the FEFCO catalog. Upon the customer’s request it is possible to combine individual types or constructions not found in the catalog.

  • Boxes in glued and stacked design with multi-colored prints, custom cut-out and display boxes, trays. We also manufacture accessories: panels, inserts, edge protectors, etc. Given dimensions of the boxes are always the inner dimensions in the following order: Length (D) x Width (Š) x Height (V).
  • Length (D) = the larger size when the box is opened
  • Width (Š) = the smaller size when the box is opened
  • Height (V) = size from the top to the bottom of the box

Packaging materials

  • hand stretch film
  • machine stretch film
  • bubble wrap
  • tapes
  • LDPE foils, tubular foils


Production plant:
Šávoľská 1961, 986 01 Fiľakovo

+421 905 656 312