EASY PACK s.r.o Šávoľská 1961, 986 01 Fiľakovo +421 905 656
EASY PACK s.r.o Šávoľská 1961, 986 01 Fiľakovo +421 905 656


Introducing our company

Our company was founded in May 2008, but we have to go back to 1995 to find the roots of it. This is when we started a small cardboard box manufacturing plant. Over the years we have gone through gradual development, gained a lot of experience and we have widened out customer base. Today, we prepare and produce packaging materials on an area of 2500 m2. We provide fast and high quality service to satisfy our customers’ packaging related needs. We also provide advice on box design and material selection, all of that at affordable prices.


In our company we process corrugated cardboard in natural brown, marble and white colors.We work with different types of boards ranging from microwave (wave E), three-layer (B, C) five-layer (EB, EC) and occasionally seven-layer corrugated board.

All of our products, from small to container sized with multi-colored prints, are manufacturedaccording to the FEFCO (Federation Européenne des Fabricants de Carton Ondulé) standards.


Besides traditional cardboard boxes we also produce different types of packaging products (inserts, crates, edge protectors, etc.)


In addition to our box manufacturing activity our company distributes high quality Italian foils and adhesive tapes.

FEFCO catalog

We manufacture products with international marking symbols from the FEFCO catalog. Upon the customer’s request it is possible to combine individual types or constructions not found in the catalog.

  • Boxes in glued and stacked design with multi-colored prints, custom cut-out and display boxes, trays. We also manufacture accessories: panels, inserts, edge protectors, etc. Given dimensions of the boxes are always the inner dimensions in the following order: Length (D) x Width (Š) x Height (V).
  • Length (D) = the larger size when the box is opened
  • Width (Š) = the smaller size when the box is opened
  • Height (V) = size from the top to the bottom of the box